COVID-19 Digital Collection Project

The IUPUI University Library is collecting digital images from anyone affiliated with the IUPUI-campus (students, staff, faculty) for the creation of the digital collection "IUPUI Community: Documenting Life During the Pandemic." This collection aims to document the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has made to our daily lives. By sharing your images, you can help shape how future generations will understand these events.

Images content guidelines

What are we looking for?

Photographs or screenshots documenting the following topics:

  • Working or attending classes remotely
  • Interacting with others (practicing social distancing)
  • Changes in the environment that surrounds you

Images submitted will undergo a review process and will be added to the collection if approved. The collection will eventually become part of University Library’s publicly accessible digital collections . Submitting an image does not guarantee inclusion in the collection.

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